Sharing my story with my Co-workers

Ever since I realized my parents were okay with me living in my van this time around, I've been sharing this info with everyone I can.  This time of year, in a seasonal job, everyone is asking everyone else about their summer plans.  I've told everyone that asks where I'm going that I'm living there in my van.

No one thinks it is strange! Actually, some have done similar things.

Some of my co-workers reactions:

J: "I'm so jealous, and my boyfriend is going to think I'm crazy when I go home and tell him we're buying a van!"

T: "My boyfriend and I lived in a van last year for a few years.  We have an apartment this year, but when the lease ends in April we want to move back out."  Since telling me this they have bought a camper truck and are moving into it, boondocking in a local parking lot, starting at the end of April.

A1: "When I first moved here, I lived in a Teepee."

A2: "When I moved here I lived in a TeePee, too!  We did have an electrical cord though,  from the main house, my boss lived there.  I still have it.  I would love to fix it up and set it up on my property now."

JJ: "I spent a summer sea kayaking in Alaska and living in a tent."

Some time next week I'm going to look at T's van that they lived in last year.  I want to see in person someone else with a bed that works.  I'm pretty sure she said it was a minivan, and they had two of them living in there!  If they can make it work long term, I can definitely make it work.

I also have shared with all my co-workers about living in my van last year in Ohio.  That is something I don't plan to share with my parents quite yet.

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  1. It's incredible how many people are interested in van dwelling or have done it before. It's almost like a secret club that only vandwellers know about! It's awesome. I'm convinced we should have secret hand signals or salutes so we could wave at each other while driving by on the road!