A Bed Built for a Queen

I built my bed, and I'm so proud of it.  I'll need to add the pictures later.

Basically I took four maybe 1x6s and cut them to length to fit around my mattress.  I believe that was 28x60. Small mattress.  Then I screwed them in a rectangle.

  I took four little boards, like half inch by an inch and screwed them in the inside middle of the rectangle.  Plywood will sit on these.

I screwed two 2x4s or some size similar to each corner in an L shape and then set the plywood inside and my mattress on top, and there's my bed!

My van floor is higher on one end, so I screwed together a few boards to put under two of the legs to make the bed even.  I didn't want to make the legs longer, because I want to be able to take the bed out and use it on other flat surfaces.

I cut an old single-sized mattress pad smaller  and pinned it around my mattress.  The mattress is an old couch cushion and I hated the feeling of the material.  The mattress pad reminds me a lot of a diaper.
I'll add pictures when I get them on here.

The first rectangle

Added the support board all around and legs to the corners

The little wooden thing I stuck together to make the bed lay even in the van

View from side driver's side door. I love my chair

View from the rear of the van

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