Dressers for my Clothes

I picked out these plastic drawers at Wal-mart.  They sell each drawer separately, they're really sturdy, and I like them a lot better than those three-drawer plastic dressers I always see and have owned in the past.  These are very square, seem to utilize all the space they can.  They're pretty expensive though, the big ones at $17ish and small at $13ish.  All 4 with tax were around $65ish.  I thought I would use them enough to make it worth it.  I even planned the height of my bed to them.

Literally during the drive home from finally buying them,  I passed two of them 3-drawer units out by someone's trashcan.  I couldn't resist.  I turned around and picked them up.  Brought them home, found that they come apart easily, so I can just take one drawer out to fit under my bed.  So i took them all apart and hosed them down and scrubbed them a little and decided to take the others back to Wal-mart.  My new ones are not nearly as nice, but to save $65, they are definitely worth it.  They are shorter, so there is a gap  between them and the bed, but it has turned out nice. It is perfect storage for my laptop at the end next to my chair and I stuff seldom used clothes on top the other and utilize some of the space up behind the edge board on my bed, but below the plywood.

The new expensive Wal-Mart Shelves
The view from the back of my van.  Tons of space still to stuff things behind them.
The free roadside shelves.  So easy to make shorter!

Cleaning them upon deciding to keep them.
Free things are always the most appreciated by me.

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