Last Night in Sticks and Bricks

It has been a crazy past few days.  It is almost 1:30 in the morning, but I wanted to post quick.

Tonight is my last night sleeping in my apartment.  I am turning in my keys on my lunch break tomorrow, and it is all VAN from here out!  I'm very excited.  Wish my last night of sleep in here was going to be longer than 5.5 hours though...


3 More Days

Even after offering co-workers and neighbors $10 an hour, $15 an hour, lots of beer, etc, no one was interested in helping me move.  This shows me that I really am ready to leave this town.  If these are the 'friends' I have, there is no reason to be here.

I called my mom Friday night in a panic, I have so much stuff, and so little time left.  Plus, it is really hard to get some furniture down a flight of stairs and across a parking lot alone. She agreed to drive the two hours to come help me today.  Yay!  So, I originally budgeted paying people $100-$200 to help, I ended up paying nothing, and making $40 on a mattress and box spring that I was sending to the dumpster!  This left me without a bed my last three nights in my apartment...

I have a couch that I acquired a few months ago and was trying to sell. A neighbor left it behind when he moved out, and though there was lots and lots of interest, no one ever even came to look at it.  I realized that the cushion on it will make a perfect van mattress.  It is one long cushion, and inside it is just a thick piece of foam, which I have seen vandwellers spend lots of money buying!  The material is scratchy, but covered with sheets and such, it should be just fine.  I eventually want to sew a new cover for it, so I can just take it off, toss it in the laundry and zip it back on again, instead of trying to keep a queen size sheet to stay put while I toss and turn in my sleep.

I brought it upstairs.  I get to adjust to the tiny mattress early.  Totally worth the unexpected $40

 I'm really glad, in the long run, that no one ever bought the couch.
Here is my new bed!  On my living room floor for three nights, then into my van.  I'm pretty short, and without the pillow it is about the same length as me.  With the pillow, my feet hang off.  I'll have to find somethings to prop up under half of the pillow, so I can move it up a little.


Four More Days

My packing is coming along slowly. I have SO MUCH CRAP!!

I can't wait to be out of here. I'm putting everything in my garage for now. I will be in town until mid-November to get rid of and sell more stuff. Even though, the few things I do want to keep, I have no cheaper option for storage. Unless I convince my parents to let me build/buy a small shed at their house to hide back in the trees. I think that will be my plan for next summer. I'll be in Colorado until mid-April. Then I can either come home for a little while, or get a summer job and come home in the fall. We will see. But I don't want to have storage in this town. There is no reason to be connected to it ever again. Even if it is more expensive, I'd rather eventually move it all to my parents town, two hours away. Then, if I need them to find something and send it to me, they would have access to it.

I'm proud of the amount of boxes I have marked 'Good Will.' As the move-out date get closer, It becomes easier and easier to shove things in bags heading for Good Will, rather than group them and box them and label the boxes. Plus, I'm running out of boxes. I can only use them for the things I love :)


First Trip With the Van

A few weekends ago I took my van to Hocking Hills, to camp with my parents.  Though I did not sleep in the van, I did get a feeling for what she can carry and what I will need to keep with me.

Unfortunately three days after I started driving the van the 'Check Engine Light' came on.  Auto Parts plugged it in and said it was a loose gas cap or a few other things.  I found an old gas cap in the back of the drivers seat, so the previous owner must have had the same problem, and tried to solve it with the gas cap.  I assume they got the light turned off and sold it ASAP.  It is NOT the gas cap.  I have no idea about what it really is.  I've been driving around with the light on for a month now.