Four More Days

My packing is coming along slowly. I have SO MUCH CRAP!!

I can't wait to be out of here. I'm putting everything in my garage for now. I will be in town until mid-November to get rid of and sell more stuff. Even though, the few things I do want to keep, I have no cheaper option for storage. Unless I convince my parents to let me build/buy a small shed at their house to hide back in the trees. I think that will be my plan for next summer. I'll be in Colorado until mid-April. Then I can either come home for a little while, or get a summer job and come home in the fall. We will see. But I don't want to have storage in this town. There is no reason to be connected to it ever again. Even if it is more expensive, I'd rather eventually move it all to my parents town, two hours away. Then, if I need them to find something and send it to me, they would have access to it.

I'm proud of the amount of boxes I have marked 'Good Will.' As the move-out date get closer, It becomes easier and easier to shove things in bags heading for Good Will, rather than group them and box them and label the boxes. Plus, I'm running out of boxes. I can only use them for the things I love :)

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