Engine Troubles

I arrived in Ohio from Colorado this week.  I have 9 days to repack and prepare my van for cross country travel and living.  My main project has been my bed and making sure my van runs.

My first day in Ohio I went to turn on my van and it doesn't start.  Not a good first sign.  I'm guessing that my dad didn't start it up and drive it as often this winter as he let on to.  Or at least not the past few weeks.  Luckily he jumped me, it started just fine and hasn't caused a problem again since.

He had taken it to the shop before I arrived home, sometime in March or April and had a guy fix whatever was making the check engine light come on.  Two days after coming home it came back on.  There was something wrong with the fuel cap or fuel line or something that he DID fix, but apparently the fact that my gas gauge does not work makes the light come on as well.  That is something I won't bother fixing, I just know to fill my tank every 200-250 miles.  I wish I knew how big my tank is.  I put 8 to 11 gallons in, so maybe a 12 gallon tank?  But if it were 20, I'd save a lot of money not having to go to a station as often.  I might just run it empty some day and call AAA to come help me out with 2 gallons.

So I'll have to stop by one of the auto part stores and have them plug in and tell me why my check engine light is on once in a while to make sure nothing else becomes wrong.

I was sure glad to get that figured all out.

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