Going Great

Vandwelling has been going pretty good.  I've spent three nights in the van now.  Labor Day weekend I drove to visit my parents and spent 3 nights at their house.

First two nights (last Wednesday and Thursday) my van was a mess.  I just threw all the left overs out of my apartment into it.  Over the weekend I was able to organize, and now it is a lot cleaner.  I also got rid of three seats, so only one back seat remains.

I'm pretty sure my parents have no idea.  I can't believe they wouldn't though, after telling them all about it, and them freaking out about it back in February.

All I did for stealth is velcro a green fleece throw in front of the back window, and using safety pins, pinned two other throws along the drivers side windows, using safety pins on the seat belts.  I have two large buckets on top of each other behind the back passenger side seat, and it blocks the view of me through the windows on that side.  All my back windows are tinted pretty well already, unless light is coming through the other side, you have to put your nose up to the window to see.  So it is mostly all for my comfort.  It actually might attract attention, because if the blankets are touching the window and have a pattern in them, you can see it easily from the outside.

I bought some type of black fabric that doesn't seem to let light through.  I need to find the time and location to cut that to size and velcro it.  I can't decide exactly how I want it though.  I want to make sure it does not let any light through, because I want to be able to turn on my book light or laptop while inside the van at night.

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