Eating and Driving

I need to figure out a budget.  I should be saving practically every cent, but I don't seem to be.  Food and gas are my main expenses.  Plus $300 a month for loans.  I'm trying to keep food down to between $7 and $10 averaged a day.  I know this is a lot, but until I get settled in and feel more comfortable cooking in here, it is hard to do any better.  If I figure out refrigeration some day, that would help a lot too.  I'm currently shopping daily, which doesn't mess with my gas at all because there are 3 grocery stores across the street from my parking place.

As for driving, I've been trying to limit myself to 10 miles a day.  Work is 2.6 round trip, and the gym is 2.6 round trip.  If I visited them both together, that would cut out 2.6 (they're next door to each other).  The gym is open until 11pm though, and I don't like to waste my after work daylight hours there.  I drive a lot more on weekends. 

I get restless, and find it hard just being in my van in the same spot everyday.   Most vandwellers move around the country at their leisure.  That is what I look forward to doing.  It is lots of gas between towns, but it would be a lot easier to entertain yourself in a new town for a while.  Plus, it would be worth the gas costs if you're traveling the country.  For now though, I have a nice full-time job, a place to sleep, and a place to shower,  I'm going to stick with it.

I applied to a job in Aspen, CO starting in November.  I had an interview with them, but have not heard back.  This location won't be very good for vandwelling, but if this is what gets me out of Ohio and starting to travel, I'm okay with that.  Once I'm out of Ohio for a while, it'll be easier to stay out.  If I get the Aspen job, I'll return to my van and a warmer location in the spring.

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