What will this cost me?

Trying to figure out what my budget will be once I move out.

Rent: $0
Electricity: $0
Health Insurance: $0 (on my dad's for 3 more years :)
Cell Phone: $0 (paid by my dad since I got it 10 years ago :)
Gym Membership: $30 (hope to get a part time job there, to bring this to 0)
Internet: $0 (bought an iPod touch last year, the free wifi is a much better deal that a required $720 data plan on a phone every 2 years)
Gas: while i still have my truck, same as I pay now. About $40/month, gets me 200 miles. I drive about 100 for work per month, plus any shopping or visiting I do. Will probably double when I get a van.
Food: $200 (more than I spend. I don't usually eat breakfast, though I should start, and get free lunch at work. All I pay for is supper and weekend lunches.)
School Loans: $200 required (will be spending all my extra income on these for a while)
Laundry: $30 seems to be about what I pay a month. This seems high.
That all equals $500. All of which I already pay.

Also...Truck/van upkeep, entertainment, what am I missing? It is 2am, I can't think very clearly.

Propane - might cost up to $100/month in Jan and Feb it looks like from my research.
Ice, regular household products like Shampoo and Excedrin. (save on toilet paper thanks to the high usage of public restrooms!)

Pretty much I'll be trading my $600+ rent and electricity for extra gas once I get my van and propane for 2 months. And perhaps I'll spring for the $20 gym locker fee, because I think it might be very convenient to keep my shampoo, hairdryer, gym clothes, towels, etc at the gym, at least until I have more room in a van.

Oh..storage...$60. If it turns out living on wheels is not for me, I don't want to be left with nothing. Plus all my childhood items I've removed from my parents house (photo albums, Christmas ornaments, etc) that I will want for the rest of my life, I want to store them.

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