Not happy in my 'real world'

I have been out of college for almost three years now. Wow. Does not seem like that long. I wish it has not been that long. What have I accomplished? or enjoyed? I hate modern America. Work, work, work - until you die.

I love my job. I'll rephrase that: I love my students. My job is a little bit ridiculous lately. I'm content where I am though, petty things aside. I have a nice apartment and decent neighbors. I just long for something more.

I am single. I have no reason to stay put. All I've ever wanted in life was to travel. WHY AM I NOT TRAVELING?!?!?!?! I've really been questioning myself on this the past few weeks, and have outlined an ingenious plan. I've can't remember the last time I was so excited about something.

I'm going to take up a life of vandwelling. That is right. I'm going to live in a van. It will be almost a year before I'm settled and satisfied, and I can't wait.

Right now I'm stuck in an apartment lease. This ends August 31st. 6 months from now. That gives me 6 months to organize, minimalize, sell as much as possible, and put some into storage. Starting in September, I will be moving into my truck. I really turned out to be lucky already having a truck, plus available cap. It will be tight (and cold!), but with at least $600 in savings a month, how could it not be worth it? I already have lots of blankets to keep warm. I just need to invest in some reflectix, a -20 below sleeping bag, and a mr. buddy heater before winter.

I will keep my job, I still need to earn money. By spring I plan to buy a van, and pay for my trip to Jamaica with my friends (which I'm suppose to be saving $20 a week all of 2011, but seem to keep spending it). After that it is college loans. Being in debt is not a choice anymore. Especially since I will likely never use my college degree.

I already have a gym pass, which is practically next door to work. Perfect place for showers and getting ready in the morning. I'm also trying to get a part time evening job there (free gym pass). My apartment now is 2 miles from work. I don't see why I would ever be found out if I just keep spending my nights there. As long as I'm not seen exiting or entering the back of my truck (will be less obvious once I get van). Even if I thought they ever checked license plates, I would come while the office is closed for the night. Plus, I have so many friends here, that if ever questioned, I could easily be staying with them for the night. But so many people here have people not on their leases, so I doubt they have their plate records. And there has never been a problem.

Within 5 miles is a hospital and a Wal-Mart for alternative night parking. Plus a 24 hour Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle. No one seems to ever talk about boon docking at those, but I'm sure it could happen if you're not in an obvious RV.

Also within 5 miles are two libraries, for computer use and hanging out doing work for work when it is too hot or cold outside. And metroparks, for grilling. I might buy a little backpacking propane grill for use in truck/van, but right now I own a rolling/traveling charcoal grill to use, if I find room for it in the truck bed.

Work provides cellphone and iPod charging. And Mon-Fri refrigerator use.

I'll see how it goes for a year, and consider traveling and getting a job somewhere else. Also I can leave my teacher position at work and become a floater, and take a month off every 3 or 4 months. Or by 2013 I hope to have some money saved after all my loans are paid off to quit my job and travel for 6 months to a year.

Next step: Make a list of high ticket items to start ebaying and craigslisting.

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