New Blog!

I'm switching blogs.

I never seem to stick with a blog for a long time.  I'll start one for myself, and later quit posting.  Then I'll start one my friends can read.  Then quit.  Then start one to keep relatives updated.  Then one to share about my van living.  Etc.

A few months ago I decided to commit to one blog and bought a domain name.  To keep it simple.  I used my name.

You can now find my updates at www.mollyvolz.com.

I have been working on moving most of my posts from a few of my more recent blogs over to that address, and from here on out will be posting there.

Please don't stalk me down and murder me now that you know my name.

I'll eventually delete this blog, since I've moved all the posts there.

Please subscribe!  Add your email to the little "Email" box on the right, and get updates when they come right to your in-box!

I hope to see you over there.


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